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it's important to use complex password for your security

Most people know that passwords are necessary, but as you work more online they become extremely cumbersome. You’re told that you shouldn’t use the same password across multiple platforms. You’re told that you need to use long, complex passwords. What happens when you have dozens of long,

checklist of the things you can do for your website

There's no doubt that your website is the first impression of your company as more and more customers opt to go online when searching for products or services. Like clothing and hairstyles, website design trends are always changing and an outdated style of your website may be the reason why

Search engine optimization tips for Small Businesses and Small Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to help search engine algorithms better understand where to rank your site. Users type a search phrase into search engines, and its goal is to determine what sites answer the user’s query. If you want to focus on search engine rank,

The Web Developer Newsletters one should sign up for

Newsletters don't just benefit advertisers, they also benefit readers. Developers have numerous options for learning, practicing and reading code. Luckily, there are plenty of newsletter resources where developers can get the latest updates on code, languages and platforms. Here are a few that you should subscribe to.

JavaScript Weekly


precautions to ensure that your data is secure

In 2016, several major breaches occurred including the news that Yahoo lost almost a billion account records to hackers. Even security experts can fall victim to phishing emails and embedded document malware. As a consumer, your data is valuable to a hacker, so it’s important to know the signs

We can acquire many customers with the help of social media

Most marketers know that social media is a very important tool for customer acquisition and (more so) retention. Business owners are a little more difficult to convince, but without social media, you're essentially handicapping your marketing efforts. Even if you accept that social media must be a part of your

Website Design Trends Expected this year

Every year, web designers come out with the new "fashion" for websites. Website design trends change every year just like fashion trends. What was "in" last year is "out" this year. Here are some website design trends that will dominate the market this year.

1. Mobile-First Approach.

Initially, developers designed

Best Way to Backup Your Website

What happens if your site gets hacked tomorrow? What happens if you accidentally delete entire years worth of data? The answer is in your backups. Instead of running around wondering how to recover, you can put your mind at ease with regular backups. Backups are your responsibility, so it’s

content for your site for your target audience

When you determine that you need content for your site (and every site needs content), you can't throw up any content just for search engines without considering your audience. Engaging your readers is key to make the content successful and turn random readers into actual paying customers. Without any engagement,

Migrating your wordpress website to a better hosting provider

If you have a growing WordPress site, it might be time to migrate your account to a better hosting plan. Many bloggers start out with basic shared hosting, but it's very limiting and you share server resources and bandwidth with hundreds of other site owners. Once you realize that your

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