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Blog Product updates: The Xeon Scalable CPU is now here!

Proud to announce a new line of dedicated servers, based on Intel's new Xeon Scalable processor

We are proud to announce a new line of dedicated servers, based on Intel's new Xeon Scalable processor, the successor to the popular Xeon E5 CPU line!

We are offering these servers in a variety of configurations, all starting with at least 192GBs of RAM, a total of 20 CPU cores and at least one 1.92 Data Center/Enterprise class SSD disk.

ServerPoint's Xeon Scalable offerings are aimed at customers who host virtual servers or containers, as well as running intensive applications, such as Redis or Hadoop.

Container management, such as Kubernets, would greatly take advantage of this kind of server power.

Our server models are also available with 384GBs of RAM, with up to 8 3.84TB Samsung SSDs.

And as an added bonus, all new Xeon Scalable servers include dual 10g fiber connections to our network, for extremely high networking capacity that will surely benefit your applications.

Take a look at our new models on our dedicated server page.

We have them in stock. Order today!

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