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Blog Proper Architecture: Separate Your Microsoft SQL Database Backend From The Frontend


In a previous article, we explained the advantages of separating your frontend, such as WordPress, from its backend, such as MySQL, by running them in separate virtual servers.

When operating a similar application in a Microsoft Windows environment, it is a good idea to separate Microsoft SQL to its own server, not only for security and performance, but for an additional reason: cost control.

Microsoft charges for their licenses based on the number of CPU cores. Perhaps your frontend needs four CPU cores, but the SQL aspect of it needs just one CPU core. Why would you pay Microsoft for a four CPU core license of SQL when you actually just need 1?

So, put Microsoft SQL in its own virtual server, and your front end on another.

Save money by putting Microsoft SQL in its own server.

Remember also to protect your Microsoft SQL data! Activate one of our backup plans, and also, install SQL Backup Master and have it save copies of your SQL to the local virtual server, but also, to upload a copy to a third party storage service, such as Dropbox!

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