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Blog Santa is Coming to Town!!! Get Ready with This Coooool App

Apps for the season of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, but it's not too late to promote your site and products to add some revenue before the end of the year. Apps are a good way to help develop customer relations and communicate better with your potential customers. It might be too late to develop your own app, but it's not too late to improve the way you promote your brand and website.


Everyone wants to know where Santa is located on Christmas Eve, so offer your customers a way to track their packages. The Android, Microsoft and iTunes app is available for tracking Santa's packages, but you can use this model for your own tracking app. Let your customers see details of their order and then track their app. If you don't want to dedicate an app to it, link your customers to the USPS, UPS, and FedEx sites if tracking is available for their packages.

Christmas Background Images

People love decorating their desktops with background images of their favorite hobbies, friends, family and pets. You can offer a Christmas background with your branded name. Usually, the designer or owner of the image displays a small message in the lower right corner of the image. You can do the same, except it points to your site. Just remember to check for royalties or copyright before using an image for your own use.

Beef Up Affiliate Programs

Affiliates come up with all kinds of different ways to make money. Affiliate money can be a main source of revenue for a site that offers a good commission payout. You don't even need to have the apps, but you can let the affiliates work with the apps while your server handles the buying procedure.

To attract good affiliates, you need to beef up your affiliate program. Offer promotional rates, provide them with the best sellers, and help facilitate a good buying experience for your visitors. Once affiliates learn that your program is a moneymaker, you can expect them to send you plenty of seasonal traffic, especially during the holidays.

Apps That Offer Fun Holiday Games

Games are one of the biggest sellers on the app market. Several Christmas gaming apps are available for the general public in the Apple, Google and Microsoft stores. You can point your customers to these apps or even make one on your own.

Of course, the time has passed to create an app on your own, so you'll have to settle for next year. However, you can find gaming apps or build one on your own to attract customers to your store. Brand the apps and link them on your site. When the holidays come around, your users will see your brand while enjoying their gaming app.

Apps are big this year, and they will be even bigger next year. You have several ways you can attract users to your site, and the right app can boost revenue while still entertaining your users.

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