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Share your story and promote your business as part of our Share Your Story Event.

“They are enigmatic, yet real and surreal. This is what I look for...”

That is how he expresses it in his rather artistic vocabulary and there may not be a better way to describe what Norm Yip’s work, many of which you can see from his website (http://theasianmale.com/) itself. Inspiringly enough, with four different books already available in the Asian Male Series of Photographs, the project which started off first as a personal interest has now become subject to thesis graduate work in RMIT (Australia) for its cultural impact both sociologically and culturally.

But of course that is to say the bare minimum. Norm brings forth a unique approach to the way he sees, wherein both his interest in fine art and his training in architecture and design intertwines into his photography, painting or drawing — fusing both western and eastern concepts both conceptually and visually. Some of the precious and intricate paintings are also available on his website (http://www.normyip.com/).

If his stunning well-recognized collections speaks loud to prove this, then so does what he has to say about the exact vision he has always had. He talks about his gallery as a collection of images that are photographs of friends, taken with intention, passion, and love. In his modesty, as an artist, he often finds himself struggling to achieve a perceived perfection, an idealized image that may not be the truth, but only a partial truth.

Norm likes to think that, “A camera can only view from one angle, from one vantage point. Hence, some models have a ‘good side’. “

Keeping these popular websites that are destined to be successful is where we at ServerPoint has been able to help Norm. This is what Norm had to say about us,

“I work and operate from Hong Kong. I am a visual artist, photographer, so-so writer and designer -- a sort of jack of all trades in the design field. I maintain several websites that contain all my goodies using the great WordPress CMS, which I have become very accustomed to over the past few years. I have settled on Elegant Themes' Divi theme as my main go-to for all my sites. ServerPoint has been there since the first day I started my sites many years ago, and they have been a godsend whenever I came into trouble (which was rather often). I learned about the backend things like DNS, creating emails, and of course WordPress, but made many little (big) mistakes along the way. ServerPoint’s support team came to my rescue on many occasions to help salvage the work I had done. I found whenever I had a problem, they were able to offer help on the 'other end' quickly and conveniently. I'm okay with computers, but they really knew their stuff. Apart from the support, setting up a WordPress site is extremely simple and straightforward using their system. With many years of service, I am now glad to hear they are also setting up operations in Singapore, I'm sure the support and service will just be as good.”

Norm Yip has been a long time customer for us. We are happy to have been a part of his journey to help him when it mattered and to be around for him on his path to success. Like he does, we also understand that going after your passion and what you love is not easy and will require all the support we can get. For us, it is to provide satisfactory services and experiences to our customers.

In return and in a rare and kind gesture, Norm has also made our day for each of us at ServerPoint. This is us saying thank you and letting the world know that we are inspired.

We would love to hear from every one of you if we can, so please let us know your stories. We are all ears.


  • Minerva currently works as a CIO at ServerPoint.Com. She is a forward-thinking, results-driven Manager, Leader and Business Strategist with almost 20 years of experience in diverse sectors.

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