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Blog Survival in the cloud: backup, backup, backup!


We just can't stress this enough.

Our daily usage of "the cloud" in our phones, for example, have given us a sense that everything we put in the cloud is safe and we do not need to worry about it. The cloud is some magical, ethereal perfect thing that stores our memories. Our photos go up there, and are perfectly safe forever.

If something were to happen to that cloud storage platform, we may lose a few photos. No big deal, right?

But when it comes to your business' data, that "IF" suddenly becomes dangerous.

Recently, Google lost a little bit of user data due to lightning strikes affecting one of its European data centers. Google says it was a small percentage of data, but considering how much data they store, we could be talking about hundreds of terabytes.

That is a risk you can't afford.

It is said that humans are reactive, and not proactive. Most people don't think of a home security system until their house gets broken into. Same with data: people won't think much of backups until some important data is lost.

We invite you to be proactive by following these suggestions:

  • your virtual server/virtual machine should be signed up to one of our backup plans, preferably the one that retains 30 days of backups. Why? You may not realize until, say, a week later, that you've lost, or accidentally deleted, some important data. With our 30 day backup plan, you can go back in time and get it back.
  • if your app is based on a relational database such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL, please follow this article ¬†for suggestions on how to keep your database's data backed up often.
  • It is important in business that you are not too trusty. And this applies to "the cloud" also. The data in your virtual server may be lost due to, but not limited to, some kind of corruption, hacks, file system failures, human error (the most common reason), and many others. And thus, you should keep your own local backups also.
  • On top of our backup plans, performing your own backups, doing live backups of your relational database, and also even installing a third party backup solution, such as Back blaze, is recommended.

Here at ServerPoint, we train all staff into always thinking of triple backups. We don't trust a single backup method, two is better, but three is just perfect.

We can manage this sort of extreme data protection for you. Contact us. Our experts can do the necessary suggestions and also installations.

  • The current CTO of Serverpoint.com and an accomplished web developer. Peter is one of the leading voices at Serverpoint and one of the founding members.

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