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customer riding a unicorn in imaginary hosting world

Every day, while doing SEO research for our websites, we constantly come across the famous keyword: free vps, as well as dozens of variations of it.

We also see a lot of clients arrive at our website looking for the same.

But here is the truth: unlike standard web hosting,

Reason why Windows VPS usually more expensive than a Linux

Customers ask us this question often, and the answer is that a lot of elements contribute to the pricing of a Windows based virtual server.

First, and most obvious, are the Microsoft licensing fees involved. Windows isn't free like Linux, and through an SPLA contract, also known as a Service

This release introduces a completely redesigned user interface experience

Welcome to ServerPoint's new Client Portal!

  • This release introduces a completely redesigned user interface experience. Not only that, but the code base has been changed to make it easier for our developers to add new features! Just make sure you submit feedback!

Introducing ColossusCloud Generation 5!

  • Shorter virtual server deployment

Serverpoint now have its new server location in Singapore, Asia

ColossusCloud is now in Singapore, to better serve our South East Asia customers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand!

Serverpoint.com has opened a new location in Singapore to expand its global reach into Asia and beyond. Singapore is the core of the Asian undersea fiber optic network and

Developer trying VPS services of colossuscloud for big application, development project

Whether you are working on a large development project or creating the next big app, ColossusCloud, our powerful, custom-built 'cloud' infrastructure can handle it.

Here’s a case study in how our custom infrastructure handles clients’ businesses. Houzz.com, one of our biggest clients, runs a large object storage database

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