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Blog The Best Web Developer Newsletters You Should Sign Up For

The Web Developer Newsletters one should sign up for

Newsletters don't just benefit advertisers, they also benefit readers. Developers have numerous options for learning, practicing and reading code. Luckily, there are plenty of newsletter resources where developers can get the latest updates on code, languages and platforms. Here are a few that you should subscribe to.

JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript is no longer a rarely used client-side language. It's now a staple for frontend design and is the foundation for several open-source libraries on the market. AngularJS, Knockout and even jQuery use JavaScript as the language of choice. To stay up-to-date, read JavaScript Weekly.

HTML5 Weekly

HTML5 is the newest iteration of the HTML language. It revolutionized the way developers create web-based applications. With HTML5 you can now use a canvas element for animations. You can use data elements for extended information. You can also use specific elements that help organize the site such as footer and header. There are several new components, and you can keep up with the latest updates with HTML5 Weekly.

Responsive Design Weekly

Responsive design has replaced separate websites that cater to mobile browsers. Instead of managing two sites, you can use a combination of HTML5 and CSS. Responsive design continues to be the foundation for sites that cater to mobile users, so it makes sense that there should be a newsletter for it. Responsive Design Weekly covers the latest trends in mobile design.

Code Project

Have a question about a coding problem? Need help designing your code? Code Project is a great way to learn how to code or get answers to problems that you can't find on Stack Overflow. Code Project is a step up from Stack Overflow, because its writers take you step-by-step through the process of designing a solution for your clients.

Tuts Plus (for Coders)

Tuts Plus has long been one of the few free quality tutorials on the web. It has a long history of writing quality tutorials for different languages and frameworks. By subscribing to Tuts Plus' newsletter you can stay up-to-date with the latest changes in code design and architecture. Tuts Plus doesn't just have coding tutorials. They also have other tutorials focused on design and structure.


Every coder should understand how to optimize code for their customers. Yoast is considered the de facto creator of one of the best SEO plugins on the market. The creator of the blog and plugin also sends out a friendly newsletter to keep you up to date. SEO is changing each year, so it's important to read the latest updates from someone who keeps track of search engine changes.So, these are a few newsletters that we think you should subscribe to. They can greatly improve your coding experience and help you build better websites for your customers. Some of the newsletters are weekly and some are monthly. The frequency can't be controlled, but you can set up email filters to send each email to a specific folder on your desktop. This will help you save the newsletters for when you have time to read them.

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