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Blog The Growth of Asia Pacific’s Internet Scene

Map showing growth of Asia pacific Internet infrastructure

There is no doubt that the Internet is still in its infancy. Billions of people around the world have not been touched by the advanced digital era that we enjoy in the United States, along with other countries with well-developed Internet economies such as the UK, Japan and South Korea.

One such part of the world that is still growing Internet-wise is Asia Pacific. Countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Laos are just beginning to experience the mobile revolution. And Vietnam is one of the best examples of that.There are still many obstacles to overcome in Vietnam to welcome the advanced Internet economy we enjoy in the US. For example, Vietnam still has no 4G or LTE cell service, but 3G is widely available and free Wi-Fi is very common. And although the majority of mobile phone customers use older cell phones, you can already see the slow emergence of low-end iPhone and Android phones as the country's per capita income increases.

Vietnam’s tech knowledge is also growing at a very fast pace, and slowly becoming well-known. Remember the hit Flappy Bird? That came from Vietnam.

To be a part of the technological growth in the region, ServerPoint.com is aggressively entering the Asia Pacific market by establishing our first data center in the great nation of Singapore. Singapore currently has the best developed high capacity Internet infrastructure that we need for our architecture. With the help of Equinix’ newest data center, Equinix SG3, we will establish our presence in the Asia Pacific region. Take a look at this amazing facility below:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnDz9Clzs8kExpect our cloud based VPS hosting service, ColossusCloud, as well as our standard web hosting services to soon be available from Singapore, to service the Asia Pacific region with the lowest network latency possible. We will also, over time, provide support and content local to Asia Pacific’s many languages.

What the Internet can do for the world is quite beautiful. And it is great to continue seeing it grow!

  • The current CTO of Serverpoint.com and an accomplished web developer. Peter is one of the leading voices at Serverpoint and one of the founding members.

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