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Blog Top 10 Travel Planning Apps of 2016

Top 10 Travel Planning Apps

The end of the year is a great time to travel and see how other locations enjoy the holidays. Unless you buy a pre-designed tourist trip, you need to plan for your trip or you could find yourself lost in a foreign destination. Luckily, there are several apps to help you build, customize, and track your plans so you can see everything you want with limited hiccups.

1. Tripit

Tripit is for the traveling experts. It doesn't plan the trips for you, but rather you have a list of all destinations and details at your fingertips. It's especially useful for people who have several trips planned at various destinations. You no longer need to find trip information in various apps and software. Instead, you can use one app to keep track of all of them.

2. TouristEye

If you've never been to a location, you probably want to see every attraction possible when you visit. TouristEye helps you find the best tourist attractions in any given city or destination. It also helps you find the best prices, so you can stay on a budget and still see everything possible.

3. TripHobo

TripHobo is similar to Tripit, but it has one major advantage. With TripHobo, you can see what others have planned and what they saw in the same general location. With this option, it can help you discover places that you've never seen even if you've already been to the city on more than one occasion.

4. Roadtrippers

Not everyone wants to fly to their destination. If you're planning a road trip, then Roadtrippers is a must-have app. With Roadtrippers, you can plan your trip across country, find hotels and hot spots, and you can plan restaurant stops and tourist attractions in the local area.

5. Airfare Watchdog

Everyone who flies frequently knows how difficult it is to find the best rates and buy at the right time. With Airfare Watchdog, you can leave all the "leg work" to the app. Airfare Watchdog with find the best rates for you, and it will send you alerts when good discounts are available.

6. TripAdvisor

A list of travel apps wouldn't be complete without TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is one of the longest running, popular apps on the market. If you don't want to try something new, you can always rely on TripAdvisor to help plan your travels. TripAdvisor helps you find a destination, plan your events, and find restaurants and hotels at the best rates.

7. Uber

Uber isn't a travel app, but it's essential for travelers. You no longer need to wait for a taxi or driver to take you to your hotel from the airport. Instead, get an Uber driver and reduce your wait time and extra fees you might pay with a taxi. You have more flexibility with time and the type of car you need if you have large amounts of baggage.

8. Airbnb

You no longer need to worry about finding a hotel. If you plan to visit a more remote location where hotels and tourist attractions are few, you can find an Airbnb. Airbnb is filled with people who rent out their homes and apartments to travelers. You can find much better accommodations at Airbnb and even rent a house instead of a small hotel room.

9. Momondo

You should always have several sources to find the best rates for traveling. Momondo gives you another options for searching the best rates for air fare. If you combine Momondo with Airfare Watchdog, you should always be able to find the cheapest flights. It's also great if you're not bargain hunting but just need a way to find convenient flights for your trip.

10. PackPoint

Who doesn't occasionally forget something when they travel? The worst thing during your travels is to realize when you get to your destination that you've forgotten something critical. With PackPoint, you can eliminate some forgetful experiences. PackPoint helps you remember what you need to pack, and you can go down the list and check off each item as your pack it.

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