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Blog Top Website Design Trends to Expect in 2017

Website Design Trends Expected this year

Every year, web designers come out with the new "fashion" for websites. Website design trends change every year just like fashion trends. What was "in" last year is "out" this year. Here are some website design trends that will dominate the market this year.

1. Mobile-First Approach.

Initially, developers designed a website for desktop screens and then manipulated the design to work with mobile devices. In other words, mobile compatibility took a backseat to desktop design for many years.

In recent times, web design has taken an 180-degree turn and now puts mobile first. It's estimated that more people use mobile devices than desktops to shop and browse the Internet. For this reason, designers are putting mobile first with their designs and then adapting the design for desktop screens. It's made web design much more difficult because now designers have several screens to work with.

2. Responsive Instead of an M-Site.

Mobile design started with creating a separate subdomain with mobile-specific design characteristics. It was cumbersome for designers and coders who had to manage two different sites. The separate website subdomain was referred to as an "m" site.

Now, with responsive design, website owners no longer need to manage two different sites. Designers can use CSS and media queries with HTML5 to rearrange components based on screen size and resolution triggers. Even some frameworks integrate responsive design in their code. Bootstrap, for instance, has responsive elements built into its framework.

3. More Open-Source Dependencies.

Why reinvent the wheel? Decades ago, developers were stuck rewriting code unless they happen to save elements from a previous design. Open-source initiatives have eliminated the need to create websites from scratch.

Design elements can be purchased, and some developers collaborate to offer free simple designs and code. The open-source community has grown tremendously and it's helped developers design and deploy new sites rapidly and much more efficiently.

The one downside to open-source is that it creates dependencies in your code. This means that if the open-source developer bails on the project, you could be left with a dependency that holds back any upgrades to your own projects. Use dependencies with caution to avoid getting into a sticky situation where it needs to be replaced. It can push back deadlines and updates by months.

4. Animations Using HTML5.

Flash was the original animation platform, but through the years it's been proven to be insecure and problematic. HTML5 brings with it animation elements for designers to create native components instead of relying on Flash.

HTML5 has the canvas element that integrates with JavaScript. The new technology has given designers and developers a new platform to bring fun animation components to the browser. Next year should see an increase in HTML animation and a change from insecure Flash to native, secure components.

Responsive design, HTML5 animation, and other trends should be an exciting change to web design, and 2018 will see even more changes. Any designer should keep track of the latest web design trends to ensure that the websites they create are fresh, beautiful and up-to-date.

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