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Blog Webmaster Tips: Website Tasks to Complete Before the New Year Begins

Website Tasks to Complete Before the New Year Begins

Whether you decide to do a major revamp, redesign a portion of your website or just do some small maintenance, the New Year is a good time to take a second glance at your site and determine what changes need to be made. Even a functional, long-term website can use some small changes in the upcoming year. Here are a few changes you should consider making to keep your website fresh and updated.

1. Footer Data.

Footer data usually has a copyright date, contact information and social media links. The copyright date can be coded to update dynamically, but if you have a hardcoded date, it's time to change it after the New Year.

If your phone number or address have changed, you should update the contact information. You could also have additional or outdated social media accounts that you should link to or delete. These are just minor changes but very important ones when it comes to your customers.

2. Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hosting?

Hosting is a vital part of your website's functionality and performance. It can be the main bottleneck in your website's growth if your users are unable to access pages quickly. Even search engines use site speed as a ranking factor.

ServerPoint offers hosting in the cloud, which is far superior than traditional hosting. We serve your website content from the closest data center, which improves site speed and performance. Consider upgrading to ServerPoint's cloud hosting service for maximum performance and stability of your website.

3. Scan Your Site for Broken Links.

It's difficult to keep track of your links, but there are some great tools, such as Screaming Frog, that can help you find broken links. As your website evolves, you delete pages or just deprecate entire sections of your site. You probably have links that still point to these missing pages, and it hurts your user experience.

You can either change these links to point to a different page, or you can remove the link altogether. Just make sure you interlink your pages to create engagement with your content and your users.

4. Upgrade Any Outdated Software.

Hackers target sites that aren't patched or updated. Always keep your software patched with the latest upgrades to avoid a disaster. You don't want to have to clean up a hacked site, find the security hole and lose any of your users on top of that.

Every application has its flaws, but security flaws can be devastating to the site owner. The best way to combat these issues is to always keep an eye on your software and update it regularly when the security patches are released.

5. Perform a Review of Your Content Quality.

Make improving site quality a New Year's resolution. Review all of your site pages and identify low quality or poor performers. You can either update the content and improve the quality or delete them entirely. If you don't think you can salvage a page, then it's best to remove it from your site. It's not only for the benefit of your users; improving content (even if it's deleted) is good for search engine ranking.

Your website is always evolving and it takes a lot of work, but New Year's is a great time to review your site and improve it for the next successful year. Use the above tips and you'll have your website updated and ready to serve your customers.

If you have any questions or need help with your website hosting, don't hesitate to contactServerPoint's friendly customer service. As always, we're here for you!

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