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Blog Why did we choose Nevada as our primary data center for cloud, vps hosting, web hosting and dedicated/bare metal servers?


The answer to that is one influenced by mother nature. See, southern Nevada, which includes the great city of Las Vegas, NV, is part of the United States' only natural disaster free zone. This zone extends from southern Nevada all the way to northern Utah.

This "disaster free zone" is why Nevada and Utah are usually selected as "disaster recovery" sites; places where companies choose to store a backup of their data and operations. Ask yourself, for example, why the NSA chose Provo, Utah, as one of their primary sites for their data centers.

What is this disaster free zone you ask? It is the only area of the United States that is free of the effects of:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Long lasting and life threatening floods
  • Strong earthquakes
  • Nuclear power plants, which eliminates the possibility of this area becoming a Chernobyl or Fukushima Daichi

It makes sense then to put your online operations within this area. Ebay hosts their website in Las Vegas, NV, as well as companies such as Zappos, Fox, Intuit, Activision, Wells Fargo (and many other banks), Nintendo, and many more.

But why Las Vegas, NV? It offers great corporate law and protection, no state taxes, great infrastructure and airport and our clients love making trips to our city and writing them off as a business expense. Also, the casino industry has created a great need for a very capable and stable fiber optic/telecom and power infrastructure that rivals most cities in the US.

There's also a bit of history behind this question. ServerPoint.com, a DBA of A+ Hosting, Inc., has been a Nevada corporation for almost 20 years.  Back in the early 21st century, our primary data center was in Fremont, California. However, at the time, California was going through the "electricity crisis" (remember Enron) and was experiencing constant power outages. Electricity is, of course, the blood of our operations.

So, our founders moved to Las Vegas, NV and our data center operations were moved.

Want to protect your data? Move it to our Las Vegas data center. Your private cloud, dedicated servers, VPS and web hosting will be safer here.

We also offer cloud, VPS hosting and web hosting services from five other data centers, including Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley), Dallas, TX, Ashburn, VA ("data center valley" of the east coast), as well as from the wonderful cities of Amsterdam, Netherlands and the city-state of Singapore.

  • The current CTO of Serverpoint.com and an accomplished web developer. Peter is one of the leading voices at Serverpoint and one of the founding members.

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