Windows 2019 is now available for virtual servers


Windows 2019 is now available to deploy for your next VPS!

Jonathan - Engineering

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft's new Windows 2019 is now available to deploy on your next virtual server with's VPS hosting service

Microsoft has dedicated a great amount of resources into developing Windows 2019, and continue their tradition of offering solid and stable server operating systems.

Some of the new features of Windows 2019 are:

  • Project Honolulu: allows for easy, centralized management of many other Windows 2012, 2016 and 2019 servers, including those with no GUIs.
  • A smaller and more efficient ServerCore image that cuts virtual machine overhead by over 50% (although this can only work on a dedicated server * link to dedicated server page * and not within a VPS.
  • Windows 2019 is optimized to run Linux virtual machines faster and more efficient (also for dedicated servers only as virtualization features require direct access to the hardware).
  • Enhanced security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Great improvements to Storage Spaces Direct, including scalability to 4 petabytes of storage.
  • Better support for Kubernets.

And much, much more. Windows 2019 is certainly designed for a new virtualized cloud world.

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