We now have Windows Server 2022 available for your virtual or bare metal dedicated server


Windows Server 2022 is now available!

Jonathan - Engineering

Microsoft has just recently dropped Windows Server 2022 at our doorstep.

It has a lot of improvements over Windows 2019, especially providing faster performance in a smaller code package.

Security has been vastly improved also, as well as its virtualization services.

Speaking of virtualization, you should know that in our ColossusCloud computing platform, a Windows based virtual server can run virtualization: virtual servers within virtual servers! This is called nested virtualization and it is a feature that is enabled in all virtual servers deployed in our platform.

After some testing, we are now proud to announce that Windows Server 2022 is now available on both our cloud computing platforms.

Log in to your portal at https://portal.serverpoint.com. You can deploy a virtual server with Windows Server 2022 within minutes. For bare metal dedicated servers, Windows 2022 will be soon available for instant deployment. If you need it now though, let us know and we will manually install it for you.

We hope you enjoy it!