Get Ubuntu 22.04 automatically installed on your dedicated server


Automatic deployment of Ubuntu 22.04 now offered with our dedicated servers

Jonathan - Engineering

We are excited to announce that the newest release of the Ubuntu operating system, Ubuntu 22.04, is now an option for all our dedicated servers through our easy-to-use automatic deployment system. This latest version brings enhanced features and improved security to your server infrastructure.

Benefits of using Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 is the latest LTS (Long Term Support) release, offering the newest applications and enhanced security. It's perfect for businesses and individuals looking for a stable yet modern operating system for their server needs. With Ubuntu 22.04, experience improved performance and the latest in open-source technology.

Seamless integration with automatic deployment of dedicated servers

Ordering a dedicated server with Ubuntu 22.04 is now hassle-free thanks to our automatic deployment system. Select Ubuntu 22.04 as your desired operating system, and our system will handle the rest, ensuring a quick and efficient setup. Say goodbye to complex installations and welcome a world of convenience and speed.

New prices on dedicated servers

Take a look at the low prices on our line of dedicated servers; we keep them lower while the rest of the industry keeps raising their prices.

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