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Powering businesses with custom Intel Xeon Gold dedicated servers

Jonathan - Engineering

Custom dedicated server solutions: powering up with Intel Xeon Gold

A recent case with one of our clients illustrates the need for high-frequency, robust computing solutions in today's demanding digital environment. They required CPUs that could sustain speeds of 3.5GHz or higher this time, as they were previously operating on E3-1275v6 processors. However, the need for more cores led us to recommend a substantial upgrade to the Intel Xeon Gold 6244 processor, known for its 8 cores of high-speed performance.

Why less cores at higher speeds per core?

Certain applications are structured to utilize just a single CPU core for each execution, not benefiting from multiple cores. For instance, PHP and WordPress operate in this manner. While numerous CPU cores can manage multiple requests to a WordPress site, each request is limited to a single core. Therefore, if each core operates slowly, it directly impacts page load times and overall responsiveness.

Crafting a high-speed, multi-core solution

We transitioned the client to dedicated servers, based on the Intel Xeon Gold, equipped with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6244 processors, ensuring each server had 16 cores (two CPUs with 8 cores each) to handle more hits to their single threaded application. The servers are made by Supermicro, our exclusive supplier, with Samsung NVMe drives and Micro DDR4 RAM.

Leveraging Kubernetes for distributed computing

To optimize resource usage across all cores, the client utilized Kubernetes, allowing their single-threaded applications to run more efficiently and effectively across all cores of all their dedicated servers. This setup, combined with the powerful processors, provided a seamless and robust computing environment.

Advanced storage and connectivity

Accompanying the high-performance CPUs, the client's servers were also equipped with multiple 3.84TB NVMe drives configured in RAID for fast, reliable storage. Dual 40Gbps network connectivity was implemented in each server, providing a total of 80Gbps bandwidth for intensive data transfer and communications on a private network.

Final deployment: A dozen tailored servers

Our team successfully customized and deployed 12 servers for the client, each fitting the specific high-performance requirements they sought. This fleet of servers represents a tailored approach to meeting the unique needs of our clients, ensuring they have the computing power required for their critical operations.

High frequency virtual servers

Additionally, we also offer high frequency virtual servers equipped with Intel Xeon Gold processors for those seeking a compact solution with rapid response capabilities for single-threaded applications.

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