Powerful bare metal dedicated servers, designed for performance and scalability.
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Low real estate and land cost

Data centers can be quite large, sometimes spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet. By utilizing data centers in Nevada, we can provide the same level of performance of any of our California based competitors at a much lower price.

Our headquarters are in Nevada

Lower taxes; savings passed on to you. We have been a Nevada corporation for over two decades. Because Nevada is free of income tax, this allows us to invest more into our infrastructure, increasing efficiency which translates to lower prices.

Free of natural disasters

Nevada is part of the United States' neutral disaster territory. There are no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no nuclear power plants nearby and risk from earthquakes is very low. It is the perfect place to store your valuable data.

Great network connectivity

The local gaming establishments can not afford network downtime. And neither can we. It is thus why the local fiber networks are so well built, with high levels of redundancy and performance, connecting us in every direction to the rest of the world.

The Nevada advantage

“Clients often ask us how we can provide such great price/performance ratio. The answer to that is quite simple: because we are not in Silicon Valley.

global deployment

Deploy web hosting, cloud hosting and virtual server hosting at any of our worldwide locations

data center regions in the united states, europe and south east asia
  • 1Sillicon Valley, California
  • 2Las Vegas, NV, US
  • 3Dallax, TX, US
  • 4Ashburn, VA, US
  • 5Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 6Singapore