Deploy virtual servers from our worldwide data center regions

Deploy Windows and Linux servers at any of our six data center regions


The second busiest Internet transit location in the world. Great performance and speed from and to any European location.

Ashburn, VA, US

Virginia, a major hub for Internet traffic in the US, serves our east coast clients with the highest speed and performance.

Dallas, TX, US

A great location close to some of the largest Internet companies and their data centers, with great access to Central and South America.

Las Vegas, NV, US

Nevada is part of the disaster neutral zone of the US; no earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding or nuclear power plants. A safe place to store data!

Silicon Valley, CA, US

The heart of Internet innovation, this data center location is located in one of California's premium data centers.


Singapore serves the fastest growing Internet region in the world, with fast access to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia.

web hosting and vps hosting services from singapore and silicon valley california hosted at equinix
our flexential las vegas nevada data centers for web hosting, vps hosting and bare metal dedicated servers
deploy vps hosting and web hosting at our amsterdam data center hosted by Interxion
our cologix data centers host our dallas cloud computing platform and web hosting platform

Premium quality
data centers

We only host our data center regions within some of the most interconnected data center providers in the world, with the highest levels of physical security, reliable cooling and power feeds.

Making the right decisions as to where to host our data center regions helps us achieve our consistent uptime levels and the fastest access to the Internet.

“Excellent customer service. Any technical issues are resolved quickly!”