Modern cloud technology Eliminating points of failure at every level possible

ColossusCloud: feature rich cloud computing platform

The power of Linux and Windows virtual server hosting with just a click

Minimizing downtime from hardware failure

An infrastructure designed for maximum uptime

SSD disk failures

The virtual disk of your Linux or Windows cloud virtual servers are replicated three times over a distributed storage platform, powered by Ceph. If any SSD disk, or physical server hosting those disks, fails, others will instantly take over, with no data loss or interruption.

Hypervisor failure

Our hypervisors, the physical servers that host your Linux or Windows cloud virtual servers, are enterprise grade and built with multiple layers of redundancy. But if one were to fail, another one will take over within minutes.

Network hardware failure

Designed with MC-LAG (multi chassis link aggregation groups), not spanning tree, our 40/100G switching network is designed for instant failover in the case of a network switch or cabling failure. In fact, we can reboot any single network switch at any time and your Linux or Windows cloud virtual servers will not experience any interruption.

Performance oriented cloud virtual machine platform

We've been specializing in Linux and Windows cloud virtual server hosting for over a decade

Intel Xeon E5 processors

We only use Intel E5 processors in multi CPU configurations to provide your cloud virtual servers with the fastest performance possible for your cloud computing needs.

Powered by solid state storage

Your virtual machine's data will be served fast from a distributed storage platform that is all made up of solid state disks.

10/40/100 gig networking

Unlike our competitors, there is not a single 1g cable or port anywhere in our cloud computing virtual server platform. Everything is as fast as current technology provides.

Free private network for your cloud virtual server.

All of your Windows virtual servers, as well as Linux, include two network interfaces with their own IP numbers: one for public access to and from the Internet and one IP in the private IP subnet. This private IP number allows your applications to privately exchange data with each other, within a region, and adds an additional level of security.

Applications such as Hadoop, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, and many other distributed applications, will greatly benefit from this feature.

Top tier data center design

Professional infrastructure design and engineering

Designing and building Internet infrastructures is what we have been doing since the late 20th century. It has allowed us to gather the experience necessary to build ColossusCloud, as well as our network and data center designs.

Then, we choose some of the best data center facilities around the world; the same facilities that also host parts of the big players, such as AWS, Google and Azure.

We are making sure everything at ServerPoint just simply runs efficiently and that our service is top grade.

Multi-homed BGP network

ServerPoint is one of the very few web hosting companies in the world that operate their own global network. We are also connected to the largest networks in the world: Cogent, Zayo, NTT, and others, who together handle the majority of traffic on the Internet.

Our partners...

“We have used Softlayer, Rackspace and others like Hostgator and GoDaddy but you guys are by far the easiest to use and have the best customer service. I would recommend them to anyone. Full marks.”

Mike P