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Blog 4 Signs That Windows VPS Hosting is the Best Solution for Your Business

Advantage of Windows VPS Hosting Solution for Your Business

Has your business outgrown your original hosting plan? Are you wondering which hosting platform can give you enough power and resources to meet your current business needs and accommodate future growth? Windows VPS Hosting might be just the solution your business needs.

What makes you a candidate for Windows VPS Hosting?

Advantage of Windows VPS Hosting Solution for Your Business-1

Windows VPS Hosting is a powerful, scalable yet affordable solution for companies and individuals who are serious about growing their business. It can offer many benefits over both shared hosting and dedicated server solutions that many people may not be aware of. Let’s look at some signs that will help you determine whether using Windows-based VPS hosting is the best option for you.

#1. Your business relies on Microsoft products and services.

If you use Microsoft-specific technologies to run your website, then Windows VPS platform is a logical choice for your hosting needs. For example, if your webpages were created using ASP.NET framework, you must have a Windows-based hosting solution since Linux offers no support for the.NET. Because the framework is proprietary Windows software, nothing but a Windows hosting platform will be able to handle your ASP.NET-based website and apps. The same goes for Microsoft servers like SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access database and other Microsoft technologies. Windows VPS platform will provide smooth integration, high level of security and application compatibility for all your Microsoft-specific software.

#2. You need a powerful, yet affordable solution for your growing business.

Your business is experiencing a rapid growth but you are not ready for dedicated hosting and a high cost that comes with it. Windows VPS hosting is a powerful, flexible and affordable solution and a reliable tool for business growth. It can offer you all the resources you need, without having to commit to some major monthly overhead.

#3. You have specific security concerns for your sensitive data.

With a VPS hosting plan, all your sensitive data remains behind a secure partition, completely isolated and inaccessible to other customers. This means your valuable data is ensured complete privacy. The same thing is available with dedicated server solutions, but VPS hosting is a more cost-effective and flexible option.

#4. Your business is seasonal, with unpredictable traffic volumes.

eCommerce, financial, holiday and tourism websites have their own unique business cycles and often experience a significant increase in traffic during busy seasons. Windows VPS hosting is a very effective solution in this case, since you can instantly add and subtract virtual servers to support the additional traffic. And you pay only for what you use during that time.

As your business grows and changes, look for these signs to know when it’s time to upgrade to a powerful and scalable Windows-based VPS hosting plan. And when you are ready, we encourage you to choose Windows VPS hosting from Serverpoint.com. With Serverpoint.com as your web host you will get:

  • Support for Microsoft technologies.
  • Top performance and scalability.
  • High availability and high level of uptime.
  • Ample resources such as RAM, CPU and disk space.
  • Weebly, a simple and easy website building tool, to help you create beautiful websites.
  • Rock-solid, robust and secure hosting environment.
  • Exceptional tech support from web hosting specialists with over seventeen years of industry experience.

Sign up for a Windows VPS hosting plan from ServerPoint today or visit www.serverpoint.com to learn more about the web hosting services we provide.


  • Minerva currently works as a CIO at ServerPoint.Com. She is a forward-thinking, results-driven Manager, Leader and Business Strategist with almost 20 years of experience in diverse sectors.

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